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My name is Steve and I moved to Oahu in April of 2016, a time when my life was not in a good place. Then I discovered the wonders of hiking on Oahu and Hawaii and the incredible joy and beauty that comes with it. This is what inspired me...


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Windward Hikes

December 15, 2019

Difficulty: ADVANCED

Time: 6-8 HOURS

Distance: ~8 MILES

Elevation Gain: 2200 FEET

Foot Traffic: LOW

Challenges: Very Overgrown, River Crossings, Steep Scrambles on Narrow and Grassy Ridges

Sights: Kualoa Ranch, Kahana Valley, Windward Coastline

What to Bring: Water (>2L), Snack/Lunch, Long Sleeves/Pants, Gloves

One of Oahu's few standalone peaks, summiting the pyramid shaped Pu'u Ohulehule is no easy task. It requires multiple river c...

November 30, 2019

Difficulty: ADVANCED

Time: 1-2 HOURS

Distance: 1 MILE (to Chimney)

Elevation Gain: 800 FEET

Foot Traffic: LOW

Challenges: Steep incline with loose rocks, Narrow ridges with steep dropoffs, Dangerous free climbing

Sights: Windward Side, K-bay, Three Peaks, Pali Lookout, Ko'olaus

What to Bring: Shoes with Good Grip, Courage

Dangerously beautiful, this notorious hike has a lot to offer in such a short, action packed adventure. Beginning...

January 7, 2019

Difficulty: ADVANCED

Time: 5-6 HOURS

Distance: 5.5 MILES

Elevation Gain: 1900 FEET

Foot Traffic: LOW

Challenges: Narrow Ridges, Overgrown, Potentially Muddy, Rock Scrambling and Free Climbing 

What to Bring: Water, Snack/Lunch, Long Pants

Sights: Windward Side, Makaua Falls, Kahana Valley

A fun and challenging hike on the windward side of Oahu, Kahekili Ridge has a little bit of everything. Challenging climbs and scrambles, narrow rid...

December 31, 2018


Time: 1.5-3 HOURS

Distance: 1 MILE

Elevation Gain: 700 FEET

Challenges: Muddy, Slippery Rocks, Waterfall Climb, Stream Crossings

Sights: Makaua Falls

What to Bring: Shoes to get muddy, Towel

Visible only after heavy rains, Makaua Falls is a tall waterfall located on the eastern shore of Oahu, near the town Kaaawa. It's a short trek into the valley, but it has plenty of fun and challenging obstacles. You will...

November 24, 2018


Time: 2-3 HOURS

Distance: 3 MILES

Elevation Gain: 600 FEET 

Foot Traffic: LOW

Challenges: Overgrown, Parking

Sights: Kapaa Quarry, K-Bay, Windward Side, Ko'olau Range

What to Bring: Water (>1L), Long Pants/Sleeves

A relatively unknown trail located in Kaneohe, this short ridge hike gives you a unique perspective of the windward side, including the beautiful K-Bay and the Ko'olau Mountain Range. Follow...

November 19, 2018


Time: 4-6 HOURS

Distance: 9 MILES

Elevation Gain: 600 FEET

Foot Traffic: LOW

Challenges: Logistics, Muddy, Lengthy, Overgrown

Sights: Windward Side, Ko'olau Range, Waterfalls

What to Bring: Water (>1L), Snack, Shoes to get Muddy

Not to be confused with the Maunawili Falls Trail, this hike is a point to point hike that starts off the Pali Highway and contours along the base of the Ko'olau Mountain Rang...

March 25, 2018


Time: 2-3 HOURS

Distance: 2.5 MILES 

Elevation Gain: 1100 FEET

Foot Traffic: LOW

Challenges: Easy to get lost, Muddy and Slippery, Overgrown

Sights: The Falls, Cave

What to Bring: Smartphone with AllTrails App!!! Shoes with good grip, Water, Flashlight

Only visible after heavy rains, this twin waterfall near the Pali Lookout is a hidden gem. It requires a muddy trek through the forest where it is quit...

March 3, 2018

Difficulty: BEGINNER

Time: 1-1.5 HOURS from Golf Course

Distance: 2 MILES

Elevation Gain: 700 FEET

Foot Traffic: LOW

Challenges: Muddy, Wet and slippery road, Wet rock scrambling and stream crossing

Sighs: Twin Pali Falls, Windward Side, Old Pali Road, Likeke Falls

What to Bring: Water, Towel, Slippers to Change into, Rain Jacket (likely)

Only visible after heavy rain, getting to this double waterfall requires a quick hike along Old P...

January 14, 2018

Difficulty: BEGINNER

Time: 1.5-2.5 HOURS

Distance: 4 MILES

Elevation Gain: 700 FEET

Foot Traffic: LOW

Challenges: Potentially muddy

What to Bring: Water

A nice easy stroll through the woods located on the Windward side of Oahu, this hike gives you periodic views of Hau'ula a well as the neighboring valleys. For those who want a little bit more, you can continue up the ridge to get more expansive views of the Windward coast. This is a...

October 10, 2017


Time: 2.5-3.5 HOURS

Distance: 3.5 MILES

Elevation Gain: 1400 FEET

Foot Traffic: LOW

Challenges: Some slippery descents, Overgrown at parts

Sights: Hau'ula, Laie, North Shore, Ko'olau Range

What to Bring: Water, Snack

A shorter ridge hike on the Windward side of the island located near Hau'ula. The hike begins in the trees along the Hau'ula loop trail, before you ascend Waipilopilo Ridge to reach the expansive...

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The hikes take place on the Windward side of the island near the Kailua, Kaneohe, and Waimanalo areas. The Windward side is the greener side of the island due to the higher volumes of rain brought from the tradewinds. Most of these hikes take place in the Ko'olau range in addition to some smaller hills in the area. The views you will see include the windward coast, Kaneohe Bay and the "Sandbar," Chinaman's Hat, and the Mokuluas ("The Mokes").