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During the late fall, the Sunflower Fields of the North Shore are in full bloom, providing a beautiful landscape for photographers, drone pilots, and nature walkers alike. Simply pay the $5 parking fee at Dupont Pioneer Sunflower Farms and you are given free roam of this beautiful field. A unique spectacle that should be on everybody's Oahu bucket list.


I had known that there were sunflower fields on the North Shore because of the numerous pictures I'd seen posted on social media. However, I had never done any active research on how to see them. My friend Marc, a solo adventurer like myself, mentioned he had taken a trip out to Dupont Pioneer Farms where they were located, and said it was amazing. He also mentioned that these fields are only open for two weeks of the year and that there were only two days left. Not wanting to wait another year to see these beautiful flowers, I decided my Sunday would consist of exploring these fields. With that, I was off to the North Shore.

A $5 parking fee, a short safety brief, and you will be rewarded with rows upon rows of fields to explore. Given that it is only open two weeks out of the year, you can expect it to be crowded. Something else noticed, if you don't have a camera or drone in hand, you are an outcast. Everyone seemed to be conducting romantic or solo photo shoots, drone videos, or macro photos of the sunflowers. And really, can you blame them?

Unfortunately, my DSLR was recently stolen, so I had to settle with some Iphone and drone shots.


Walking through these fields was amazing. I've never been to a sunflower field before so I was in awe. Just watch out for the mud! And also the bees...

It's droning time! Here's a shot looking straight down at the field. This was probably the most nervous I've been flying. There must have been 15 drones buzzing around the flowers. I was half expecting an air to air collision.

My solution, gain altitude. This shot also shows where the fields are located, just minutes away from the beautiful North Shore beaches. Maybe a quick dip post sunflower fields? Probably not, the winter swells are starting to kick up.

Time for a little bit of close up photography. Despite my camera getting stolen, I did happen to buy the new Iphone X. Let's see if that portrait lighting mode is a good as advertised.

Not too bad. You can even see some of the bees crawling around the center of the flower.

Whether you are a serious photog or just want to roam the fields, this is still a worthwhile trek to the North Shore. It is just another one of the many unique and beautiful wonders Oahu has to offer.

Check out my short video of Sunflower Field Sunday!

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