At the beginning of the week, my roommate and I had planned that on Saturday we would hike Mount Olympus , a hike I'd been wanting to do for some time. On Thursday, he tells me that some of his friends from work bought a Groupon and he would be diving with Aloha Scuba Divers instead. The dives would be the Sea Tiger barge wreck and the Kewalo Pipe Reef. Instead of making it a solo hike, I decided to be social and join the group. It was a nice reminder that hiking isn't the only awesome activity this island has to offer.

Our first dive was the deeper of the two dives, the Sea Tiger Wreck. Apparently, this was an old Chinese trading vessel that was confiscated and sunk after it was later discovered that the ship was being used to traffic undocumented immigrants. There's my history lesson. Down we go into the blue abyss.

The visibility was good, but not perfect. We had to get somewhat close to it before it came into view. But when we did finally see it, it was magnificent. I had always wanted to do a wreck dive and I was finally here doing one.

I decided to take a look to see how far the surface looked from 90 feet down. I managed to snag this shot of some of the other divers descending. This is one of my favorite diving photos.

And then it was time to explore the wreck. Since it was a group charter dive, we didn't get the opportunity to go inside, but it was still very cool nonethless.

A shot as we moved alongside the wreck. It's amazing how blue everything looked since not nearly as much light gets down this deep.

Navy scuba diver Quent flashing me the okay, clearly enjoying this dive as much as me.

We even saw a little bit of marine life on this dive. That spotted thing at the top of the picture is actually a Moray eel.

Low on air, it was time to for our ascent to get ready for dive number 2.

Next up was the Kewalo Pipe Reef Dive, a 50 foot dive which would give us about 45 minutes of bottom time.

The reef growing on top of the pipe was pretty impressive and brought with it a lot of colors and marine life.

After some considerable physical exertion on our part, we reached the end of the pipe. There were some fish inside the pipe, but nothing crazy. I was just happy we were heading back to the boat, I was tired!

Squad en route back to the boat, all of us ready for a beer.

But not before Quent and I snagged one shaka selfie. I mean it's Hawaii, it had to be done.

Check out my video of this underwater adventure!

Have you taken the plunge to the Sea Tiger Wreck or Kewalo Pipe Reef? Share your story below!

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