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This beautiful sandbar, located just off Kaneohe is a premier spot for drinking, floating, and really just hanging out with friends and family while taking in the gorgeous scenery. Once you figure out the best way to transport yourself out there (it's a bit too far to swim), I guarantee you are in for a good time.


It had been a surprisingly social couple of weeks for me. I was going out with friends, meeting people, and almost acting like an extrovert (almost). Sometimes not being a hermit has its perks because my friends invited me out on a pontoon boat they had rented for an adventure to the K-Bay Sandbar. I had kayaked there once, but had never done the whole day drinking, floaty experience. It ended up being a blast.

We didn't even have to get on the boat to get some of the amazing views this area has to offer. I could have just sat here and stared for hours.

But hey we rented a boat so we might as well use it. Here's a shot of the Great Pontoon Fleet. This marina is located on the K-Bay Marine Corps Base. I believe you have to have some military connection to rent from here, but it's a great deal.

And here's our fearless Captain Mark. It's not a long trek to the Sandbar, maybe about 20 minutes. I would have volunteered to drive, but you actually need to take a course at the Marine Corps Base to be able to drive the boat, so I wasn't eligible. Well that and I may have almost sunk a pontoon boat once...anyway...

The crew getting prepped for the Sandbar. Yes that is a floaty frog and penguin. It may seem counterintuitive to have these given it's a Sandbar and you can stand. But trust me, they are great and not just because you look cool. Bring as many floaties as you can.

Joey and the ladies. See I told you, floaties are essential! Great photo ops!

Some bubbly is another key supply.

And if you happen to have one, dogs. Poor girl thought she was still swimming.

After a little lounging, I decided to whip out the drone for a little aerial footage. Here you can see many of the other people soaking in the sun and beauty.

An eagle eye shot of the Sandbar. Those colors are just otherworldly.

Here's a higher altitude shot looking towards Kailua. I love the way the breaks in the clouds help illuminate different parts of the bay.

And another shot looking North, capturing the sandbar, Chinaman's hat, and the Ko'olau Range. I am still very much in awe of this area's beauty even though I've seen it almost every day for a year and a half.

How about one last selfie for the road. Some people like to hate on selfies and even photos in general. For me, photos are a time machine, a way to take me back to beautiful places and good times like this.

Check out my video of this Sandbar Sunday!

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