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February 20, 2017


Time: 3-4 HOURS

Distance: 6 MILES

Elevation Gain: 1500 FEET

Foot Traffic: MODERATE

Challenges: Muddy if it's rained, Entirely uphill return trip

Sights: Napali Coast, Awa'awapuhi and Nualolo Valley

What to Bring: Water, Light Snack

This out and back hike may be an easy trail technically, but physically it can be quite challenging. The hike goes gradually downhill for 3 miles primarily through the trees (but with some scenic outlo...

February 19, 2017


Time: 2-3 HOURS

Distance: 4 MILES

Elevation Gain: 1000 FEET

Foot Traffic: MODERATE

Challenges: Muddy if it's been raining, minor climbing to get to "Head", Narrow ridges at summit

Sights: Wailua, Neighboring ranges, Pacific Ocean

What to bring: Water, Sunscreen

This short, yet rewarding hike takes you from the Nounou East Trail in Wailua, Kauai to the "head" of the Sleeping Giant summit. It's a well maintained trail with...

February 4, 2017


Time: 3-5 HOURS

Distance: 5 MILES

Elevation Gain: 2000 FEET

Foot Traffic: LOW

Challenges: Narrow ridges, step uphills, muddy, exposed ridge 

Sights: Honolulu, Diamond Head, Ka'au Crater, K-Bay, The Mokes, Three Peaks, K1/K2, Mount Ka'ala

Stuff to Bring: Water, Snacks, Shoes with good grip, Sunscreen

This intermediate hike near Honolulu offers some exciting ridge hiking as well as some awesome views. The trail has some techni...

January 15, 2017

Difficulty: EXTREME

Time: 8+ HOURS

Distance: 4.5 MILES Lateral

Elevation Gain: 2700 FEET

Foot Traffic: VERY LOW

Challenges: Finding trails, Overgrown, Extreme rock scrambling, Narrow ridges, Crumbling rock, Free climbing

Sights: Mount Ka'ala, Waianae Mountain Range, Makaha Valley

Stuff to Bring: Lots of water, Good Hiking Shoes, Long sleeves/pants, 8+ hours of food, Someone who knows the trail, Flashlight

This is without a doubt the most physically diffi...

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